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     Nola is responsible for the research & development of all of Golden Light Botanical's CBD confections. She has extensive background in product development & production, with a specialty in chocolate & confections. Nola has been the CEO & Co-Owner of artisan chocolatier; "Oh! Chocolate" for the past 11 years. Located in Seattle, WA for over 30 years, "Oh! Chocolate" has created new & innovative products, many of which have been featured in Williams-Sonoma Stores both nation wide & internationally for the past 7 years. Nola's parents started the company over 50 years ago in Honolulu, Hawaii & "Oh! Chocolate" remains a family owned & operated company. Cooking & creating new confections has always been Nola's forte & passion, spending 85% of her time in chocolate & creating new pieces daily!

     Nola was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. She grew up playing in the surf, sun, & sand on the windward side of the island. Her childhood was filled with her mother’s fanciful stories of magical birds that lived in the volcanoes, tales of children who would venture away from home later to return to their families with untold tales & riches from far-away lands, & of course, the history of chocolate! Its story & beginnings spanning the globe, its origins & mystique, include Aztec Kings & Mayan warriors. It made its way to Europe via explorers, adventures & pirates where it caused uproars with Spanish priests & scandalized the ladies of the court. Chocolate quickly became more than a fruit, a confection, or a drink, today it is the 3rd largest commodity on the global exchange after sugar & coffee. It stood the test of time, traveled the globe countless times over & has been responsible for creating corporate empires. Today, doctors, scientists, & nutritionists the world over are focusing on its astounding health benefits.

     With chocolate as her focus, Nola prides herself on being a confectioner in every sense of the word & is considered a very proficient artisan chocolatier. As a small girl her mother taught her the art of chocolate & the magic that goes with it. She has never known a time when chocolate has not been a part her life. Classic chocolates prepared in the French tradition, with a twist. Nola's approach is to always look to the future, create new, but not to forget the past. Be the “dreamer of the dreams…," a visionary, & to choose to make a difference in people’s lives. Her focus is to continue this journey. She believes that with its rich history, beautiful flavors, & global appeal, the marriage of Chocolate & Cannabis CBD can & will change lives. Her newest ideas come in the form of the true health benefits of Cannabis CBD. She believes now & for the future, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the product for the health conscious.



     A love for great chocolate led Claudia to "Oh! Chocolate", where over time she & Nola became steadfast friends. Finding that not only did they both love chocolate but they both shared a burning desire to help people & assist in improving the quality of people’s lives. After much experimenting & brainstorming, the idea of "Golden Light Botanicals" was born!

     Claudia was born in Northern Germany, in a small rural town called Fockbek. She grew up loving the outdoors, playing in the fields & pastures of her relatives’ farms. When staying at her grandmother’s house she made daily trips to the dairy to pick up the butter & milk for the family. It was her mother & grandmother that instilled a firm appreciation for natural & alternative cures to basic aches, pains, & illnesses. This early understanding is what led her on her mission to help others seek out more natural alternatives to basic ailments.
     At the age of 11 she moved to Australia where she learned about a plethora of new plants & the remedies that they would provide. After graduating High School, Claudia decided to get a degree in hotel management & catering, moving back to Germany to work in the airline industry. After 5 years, Claudia moved to Seattle, WA & has called it home ever since. She has worked in multiple industries including airline, transportation, staffing, medical, spa & beauty, but her focus has always been in pleasing her clients & the ones around her.


"Create a beautiful day"