Omnipotent Botanical Oil - 1 oz Jar

Omnipotent Botanical Oil - 1 oz Jar


180 mg activated CBD oil

All ingredients are 100% Organic; Cocoa Butter, CBD oil, Coconut oil, Essential oils (Eucalyptus, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove bark, & Rosemary). 


No petroleum products, parabens, synthetics

Not tested on animals

Omnipotent Botanical Oil
adjective: omnipotent having unlimited power; able to do anything

Are you dry, itchy, rashy, have hives, sunburned, minor burns, cuts, scrapes, bruised, sensitive skin, pimples, skin lesions, new tattoos, pain due to over doing it, arthritis, muscle aches, painful joints, painful irritations of the skin, bug bites? About now you are saying, really? Yes, yes it does! Try it, you will love it…It soothes while making your skin & muscles feel as if they are smiling!

We have collected the mildest, purest, skin care products we can find. By nurturing your skin with pure botanical products, you will enjoy the effective potency of plants. Our products are crafted with natural, botanical, & renewable ingredients. Effortlessly absorbed into your skin, this remarkable & magnificent oil is made to heal, rejuvenate, & hydrate skin.

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